Planner & Strategist.

I solve problems. 
I do this through being alive and breathing. I think indirectly and speak to people. A fella named De Bono calls it lateral thinking because it uses reasoning that is not immediately obvious.
I say I just use my common sense.  

Sam Cheema

Got Different?

My Mum was born in Northern Ireland. 
She is Catholic and grew up during all the crazy agro and fights. She left for London at 18. 

My Dad was born in Kent.
His parents are Traditional Sikhs. His Dad (my Granddad) left India in the 50s to move to the UK. He knew no one and didn't speak English. Literal meaning of Fresh off the boat. 

Indian + Catholic = A unique way of looking at the world. 

Throw into the mix I played Ice Hockey internationally and I've lived in London, New York & Tampa. 

I'm agitated and pissed off why conventional thinking limits growth. But, I'm overly optimistic and see opportunity on every corner. 


Brands I've worked on: