'You're forgiven for...' Why the intellect is so egotistical it has become laughingly embarrassing that we've become a snobish society.

A guest lecturer on my degree course said to an American student: 'You're forgiven for voting Trump'. 

How did we get to this God awful place? 

Why is a British lecturer in jest joking about forgiving someone for their political beliefs? Like it's an illness or a disability the person has. Shut up mate. 

But, this is where we have gotten to as a society. The snobish, intellectual, LinkedIn loving and Buzzfeed bumming twits think they are literally better than everyone else. 

Everyone else has a disability. So they apologise on their behalf. 

Well, they should be the ones reeling and apologising. Fuck'em. 

We as a collective must wake up and believe the other side isn't worse or better. There isn't two different species. There's not two different currencies. Not two different sub-countries. 

There's one. The United Kingdom. 

Societal unification. 

You aren't smarter than anyone else. Well done for regurgitating the masses of shit that is being spouted.

Be empathetic. Understand. seek to improve society.

Those in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones. 

And certainly when you are live in a green house. 

Sam CheemaComment