The problem with innovation

Everyone says they innovate. 

'Oh we have created a new way that basically like Facebook but you get to purchase stuff from eBay but for women that knit. It's the uber of...'

This isn't innovation. 

Marketing hasn't innovated. Boardroom marketing still exists. We are still taught about platforms and CPP metrics. But, this isn't what creates value. 

Innovation in marketing would be creating a new system that cuts through this needless sense of noice and get's dirty. The need to close the gap on effectiveness. 

I ATTENDED Unbound 2017 an, 'innovation festival', in the last couple of weeks. In classic London style it was held in Shoreditch. Old truman Brewery, because of course it was. 

What struck me was the lack of real breathtaking innovative things, talks and processes. There wasn't that many keynote or panel where you sat there and was like 'fuck me that was good'. 

no not from an entertainment stand point. But, from a content deliverance. 

For me innovation is doing something that is a completely different way of doing something. Something that isn't 'skinning' or copying an existing way. Its being bold enough to create a whole new game. 

Apart from this fella - Mark Adams. 

He was hungover. He was quick. He also works at vice. 

Vice a company started with $5k in 1996 thats doing I'd say pretty fucking well. Why? Because, they innovate. They take this notion of 'youth culture' to new lengths. They create the culture. and they are truly authentic. Their audience are the heroes, not them. 

This is different from pretty much most media networks. 

We must challenge ourselves. Hold ourselves. Evaluate ourselves. To be better. 

To ask why is this the way it is.

To do better not by ourselves but by our future selves. 


Sam CheemaComment