The Trap

You go to uni. 

You do a few internships. 

You really want to change things and see the way it's being done. 

You then get a job in Media buying. 

You can't leave the job because you become accustomed to your new £28,000 a year job at age 24. 

You are trapped. 


You ventured into the industry with so many hopes, dreams and desires. You saw how shit it is. You wanted to be rogue. You wanted to be independent. Then somewhere along the line you got a job that you just 'fell into' and you become trapped. 

Wake up. 

It's extremely difficult to leave security behind. The paycheck. Leave it all behind. Have £0 and start again. This is tough. 

Nobody wants to be a nobody. 

No one wants to go back to school. No one wants to get paid less. Everything has to be better than before. No matter what before was. 

Get out of the trap or don't enter the trap. 

Eat shit now but live better later. 

Sam CheemaComment