Speed at the expense of depth

Nobody wants to wait anymore. 

The line is too long. Internet speed is too slow. My food is taking too long. My uber is more than ten minutes away (cancelled). 

But, what if we are sacrificing  something really special with all this speed? 

We are lacking the depth. 

It's all about being first. 

1st to launch. 1st to innovate. 1st to buy the iphone 10.3s 7G life controller... 

What if we took a little more time. Just a little. Not like too much time cause you still have to get shit done. 

But, what would happen if we spent just a little more time on things. 

We'd get depth. 

I read a story recently. You might of read. In fact you probably saw it. "Pope endorses trump". 

You know what the funniest thing is. People believed it. (Actually that's really fucking scary not funny). 

But, it's the speed at the expense of depth element. 

We take things as titles and lack to grasp the content. The pov. The argument of the other side. is this truthful? the why.


The swedes do it. 

Ever seen an un-happy swede. I haven't. 




Sam CheemaComment