Looking back: 18-22

So, you get another year older and some people hate it. In fact most people hate being 'old'. They just let the age absorb them and become cynical.

I'm 22. It's weird to think about the last four years and where they have gone. 18-22 doesn't seem like a big gap but it has provided the best tools to undergo this journey that I am.

At 18 I had no idea about marketing. It didn't excite me and it certainly didn't infatuate me to the same degree that it does now. I was playing Hockey and working as a learning support assistant. It was my gap year. Looking back and it made me mature at a lot faster rate than I had previously matured before. Here I was in charge of teenagers within a classroom setting. I had to be a role model and become someone that students would look up to and seek guidance from. It taught me to analyze. I no longer sit there and take things at face value - I question and probe and what to understand why something is a certain way. It's not being a dick and not believing. It's about understanding.

I started my nineteenth year in NYC. This is where I gathered tools and observed how the world is so small. Ice Hockey has opened so many doors for me. Through the game I coached and played virtually everyday that summer. If I am being truthful it was one of the best things I have ever done. My life has literally taken a different course from that one trip. I thought back then that I had my life mapped out. I had a girlfriend, about to attend uni, playing hockey and then go get a job. I found that this wasn't my exact calling. That summer I started to understand who I am - without even knowing it. Starting university as a business management student I really got into my studies: I found Marketing. One of the best things to happen to me was being described as 'A nice guy who is loose and no real backing'. This came from a phone interview with Grey SF - That description fucking pisses me off to the max.

Another summer in NYC. This time I already had a solid foundation. Knew my place around, who my friends were and what the deal is with playing hockey here. I also discovered TINDER. Pretended to be 23 on Tinder, swiped right furiously, and matched with Lily. I returned to the UK and continued playing for MK. But, I had a burning intuition for business. Something with my calling. The flame of Hockey love momentarily sub-sided and I pursued my own business: Geronimo. Tinder for finding a job. Successfully raised just under $100,000 but had to pull the plug due to market timing. Learned a heck of a lot.

One door closes and all that. I heavily pursued my interest in the advertising world. I would regularly attend workshops, seminars and events held by agencies around London. I was picked up by M&C Saatchi for a work placement stint, Founded and Stature PR. In this time I got great exposure to an array of the industry landscape - I took a lot in and processed real world implementation of my academia.

This year took me to NYC full-time. I attended SUNY New Paltz and bounced between the city and up state New York. On the weekends I would coach a u16 travel hockey team and represent my university during the season. At New Paltz I was able to attend lectures in outside fields, such as, psychology, and this really allowed my fascination for behavioral economics to flower.

I also umped on a magazine, Snipetown, and have been growing the brand ever since. I get to talk hockey 24/7 with like minded people and just shoot the shit. But, the best part about Snipetown is that it adds to the growth of the game. Myself, Evan and Jack are able to just narrate the hockey world and deliver their message to a larger audience. If it gets one person hooked on Hockey then that's golden with me.

What else: Myself and Mike Guerra successfully run a Hockey camp in Long Island. I now work for Stein IAS, b-2-b agency, in the heart of New York City. I had knee surgery, spent some time in Boston, my family has visited me and I've been fortunate to live in this crazy city. I've been able to connect some dots and have worked with many philanthropic hockey communities - namely Ice Hockey in Harlem and Hockey in Newark.


  • Graduate with a 1st Class Honors (May 2017)
  • Move full-time to NYC
  • Grow Snipetown digitally and print - Tell fucking everyone in the hockey world what this is
  • Keep healthy and fit (no more surgeries)
  • Play as much hockey as possible (daily would be nice)
  • Make work my everyday life (Hustle on something I am so deeply passionate about)
  • Make sure my family is secure

    I have no final destination in mind. I will completely throw myself into businesses ideas and ventures that pop up. I love it. I will always connect dots, probe the surface but ask more.

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