Is Pokemon Go a game changer?

Ok, adding more impressions to the monstrosity that is Pokemon Go by writing this piece.

But, looking on through the lens of strategy - It's fucking brilliant.

Here you have: Nostalgia, Gamification, Augmented Reality, Commerce and well of course, Pikachu. All these elements hitting together across a salable realm create quite a driving force. It's not bound by context or time because it's literally everywhere you go: the office, park, bar, ice rink and your toilet. 

Businesses buying 'Lures'. Wow.
So, I bet top dollar that the application creators had this kick ass game, spent a huge ton of money on R&D and need to monetize this bad boy some how. So, some genius came up with Lures. Businesses are purchasing these at rapid rates to boost their own sales - Modell's is offering 15% off for any Pokemon Trainer level 5 and up. Now, this isn't a Lure within the game itself but this is capitalizing on the trend and seeding it into their own commercial gain.

Where does it go from here?

You'll see the game being re-skinned by other hopefuls to create the same buzz and effect - they will fail. 


Nostalgia, x Augmented Reality = Unwavering Effectiveness

Which 90's kid didn't watch Pokemon or play a Gameboy? The only game worth having was Pokemon of course. I remember have a dek of Pokemon cards up until I was 8 - it wasn't 'cool' to be sitting inside with cards.

People would legit dress up like their favorite Pokemon for Halloween or just whenever they felt like it. The TV show, live shows, Gameboy games, Cards, Merchandise - allowed all of the '90s' kids to buy into the culture. 

I reckon around 30% of kinds aged 6 around 1996-2002 wanted to, legit, be a Pokemon trainer when they grow up.
Now they can.

This is what we are seeing

Emotion drives everything. It always has and it always will.

Our emotional 'EQ' is at an all time low and now is the time for brands to use this and cement themselves firmly within a consumers heart.

I'm sick of the bullshit that Millennials aren't loyal. Just look at Pokemon. 16years+ later they are still loyal...


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