The problem with not getting experience

People are getting married later. First time home owner average age has increased to the heavens. Generally people are having children at later dates. There's less stability. 

So this is what's happening. Generally across the board. 

Not too promising. 

Ageing population and economic market in a volatile state.  

Stay with me here. 

What if some of it is because students aren't getting access to experience before they leave university? 

Getting an internship is incredibly tough. Completing an internship is even tougher. Most are unpaid with some paying well people market value. It makes for recent graduates to take literally any job coming out of uni that in turn jeopardises their long-term career prospects. Unless you have the financial support network of your family who can bail you out there's a high chance you can't do an internship as you need the money to - ya know breathe and eat and stuff. 

Real luxuries these. 

If you don't get the experience though and put yourself out there you get knocked back when you are recent graduate. You don't have the skills or the 'experience' as hiring managers will put it. 

It's a double edged sword. 

In my POV it goes someway to understanding the complexities later in life with the later marriage, home owning and child giving ages. 

Now career aspirations have changed over time. But, that's because we have to work longer to build the 'experience' before we are valued at market worth. 

Imagine if all university students came out of university with real market experience without jeopardising their wellbeing.




Sam CheemaComment