Effective or Die (Part 1)

Understanding the no-fucks given millennial who doesn’t really know what they want. 

Part 1

Their DNA is pretty strange. Well, not really actually – it’s totally the same as you and I (I am a millennial). But, what is different is their environment. Both social and transactional markets have changed drastically and now the lines have erased. Ever heard of the unpaid internship? Yeah, that’s the line being washed away by the incoming tidal wave.

See before all this there was chance. An employer would meet a bright young spark and took a chance. They said ‘fuck it I’ll give ‘em a shot and if they are shit I’ll cast out my net once more’. Now employers are taking on unpaid workers, not for a chance, but to exploit the work. To get these young starlets to run the mill whilst they milk the profits.

In a transactional market you would pay the market rates. If you wanted to hire a moving company they would charge you per the hour, day or job. And, you’d be satisfied. Both the consumer and customer are satisfied with the exchange. However, if you got your mate, John let’s call him, to help you move but didn’t pay him, although he was fairly skilled in this department, you would drastically devalue his skills. You aren’t paying the market value and instead have erased the lines of social and transactional markets by doing so.

If you get paid £100 every time you had sex, would you ever have sex for free again? You’d probably question the worth of it.

So, why should we devalue millennials? We shouldn’t. So, to truly understand this generation and set them up for success we must value their worth. If someone with talent graduates and comes across your radar perhaps you should value them on their past work and not the social market. Just because other employers are offering unpaid internships. You don’t. 


This is part of a ten part weekly series in understanding the needs and wants from a millennial work place. 

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