20+ years of experience.

There is something I need to say. 

Something that I believe everyone should know. 

Something that cripples so many of us. 

Including myself. 


So, we go through this continuous journey of education. Most of us start at three and 'exit' at 21/22. We have gone through the rigours and now we have studied less and less subjects to become better qualified in one. 

20+ years of experience. 

But, then you go looking for a career. One you are passionate about. One you want to dive head first into. 

"2-3 years experience required"
"1+ years experience required"
"An individual fully versed in this field with years experience"


Are industries shutting the door on so many people and forcing people down other paths?


But, I just want to say something to all those who feel at a loss. Those who feel shut out. And, those who don't think they are good enough. 

Never question your self-worth. Never. 

Go for the roles where you may not have the experience. Show them you have it. Show them how you started a running group to help the homeless. Show them how you lead your school team to a championship. Show them that you've got the experience. 

You have 20+ experience. 

Sam CheemaComment