You wouldn't believe it if I told you

You wouldn't believe it if I told you. 

I am Irish.

I am Indian. 

I am British. 

Ok, Sam pick one...

In a world where there is a progressive movement of 'Nationalism' or 'Sovereignty' it is important to highlight a few things. 

My Mother was born and raised in Derry (Northern Ireland). My Grandparents are both Irish catholics and my Grandfather was enlisted within the army - pretty badass. 

My Father was born and raised in Gravesend (Kent). In a predominately Asian community and very little diversity. My Grandfather left India for a better life for his family. Moving into the unknown, on his own, and leaving his family behind for the U.K. A few years later, and after a ton of hard work, he brought my Grandmother over and later my Father was born. 

So, I'm Irish, Indian and British. 

Now what makes this story and argument for multi-cultural society so amazing is this: I represented Great Britain at a World Games. 

(I even got a letter from Buckingham Palace!)

A product of Irish, Indian heritage and brought up in the melting pot that is London. 

There have been marches to cull immigration. Multi-cultural society is the devil! Britain first they cry! 

It's happening all over the world. 

But, stop and think. 

What are we missing out on if we think this way?

New ideas, talents, beliefs and frontiers. 

I'm lucky. Ever so lucky. 

Because, I'm Irish, Indian and British. 

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