7 out of 15 Go To Oxbridge.

I read this: http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/why-employees-hate/1445981

They picked 15, 20-30ish somethings, to talk about the industry. These people are regarded as faces to watch.

All well and good.

They seemingly are great at their jobs.

But, I was intrigued as to where these people came from. Who are they?

Matilda Scullion - Strategist at Possible. English @ Cambridge University.

Chris Toumazis - Planner at Ogilvy. Biological Sciences @ Oxford University.

Katie Elliot - New Business at Mother. English @ Cambridge University.

David Clulow - Senior Designer at Mr President. Graphic Communications @ Norwich School of Art and Design.

Rebecca Rumble - Associate Creative Director at R/GA. BA in Content Creation @ Ravenbourne.

Hannah Lees - Senior Account Manager Havas Manchester. English Literature @ Manchester University.

Craig Watt - Senior Account Manager Geometry. Marketing @ Aston University.

Shu Han Lee - Strategist at 18 Feet and Rising. Graphic Design @ Central Saint Martins / Innovation @ Imperial College.

Zoe D'Avignon - Planner at Saatchi and Saatchi. Politics, psychology and sociology @ Cambridge University.

Sam Williams - Senior Strategist at AMV BBDO. Geography @ Cambridge University.

Gabi Mostert - Associate Creative Director at Iris. Brand Communications and Copywriting @ Vega the Brand Communication School.

Olivia Stancombe - Strategist at The Future Laboratory. Modern and Medieval Languages @ Cambridge

Amy Nield - Planner at DigitasLBi. Psychology @ University of East Anglia.

Caitlin Brennan - Senior New Business and Marketing Manager at Havas. Marketing and Advertising @ University of Lincoln.

Michael Hanbury-Williams - Digital Account Manager at UM. Modern Languages @ Oxford University.

Out of 15.

5 went to Cambridge, 2 went to Oxford and only 6 studied associated subjects to Marketing/Advertising at University.

Isn't that a little bit weird?

All have degrees and all are academically smart. Given.

They are all great at their jobs. Given.

But, this is advertising after all. We need to understand the people. The consumer, not the client. We need to make work that works.

This triggers me a lot.

Ogilvy can have their "Get out there days". Mccann can have their "Truth about Street".

But, what the industry needs is to hire deeply intuitive folk who understand the problems of the person at the other end of the communication.

You know the person you should be trying to talk to.

These deeply intuitive folk probably don't go to the best uni's. They probably don't have their head in a book or are from a long family line of academics. They are probably too busy living to be fully planning out their career. They probably stumble around and when asked what do you want to do they say "I don't know".

Advertising stop being so ignorant and give yourself up to the naivety of intuition, to humour and to the not-so-academic.


(Btw, nothing against where you came from. Good on ya for being so damn academically clever)

Don't do shit work.

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