Don't Complain: Adjust.

"There aren't any jobs anymore".

"A.I is killing off the workforce" 

You hear people complain all the time. They talk about the situation they are dealt with. Cabbies are frustrated with Uber. But, it's business. You have to adjust. If you thought that it was always going to be the same then you are naive. 

Now the big talk is automated cars and trucks. I don't see it full scale until they figure out who's to blame when there's lose of life but let's say you are a truck driver. Soon, say next 10 years, your job isn't safe. You aren't needed anymore. So what do you do? Do you feel sorry for yourself? No, you start now by preparing yourself for that shift. You adjust your skill set and mind and in the times when you are at home or away from work you put in a little you time. You read, you learn and you understand a new skill. Something that's going to protect you when that shift happens. 

There is going to be a time in marketing for instance and we are getting there with programmatic advertising. Someones job was figuring out where to place their digital comms. Now it's being minimised and maybe we don't need that person anymore. So what does that person do? Well they adjust and get deep into the consumer behaviour side of the business instead. Because, last time I checked computers still have a tough time figuring out emotional intelligence. 

If you're an athlete let's say. You grow up killing it. Top point scorer in the junior leagues and every game you are the star man. When you come into the big leagues you can't play the same way. It's a different game. You have to adjust. So you learn new roles. You develop your defensive game. You learn how to shut guys down and you learn how to be a small cog in a machine. You adjust. 

If you don't adjust you aren't on the team. 

So quit the complaining. 

See where things are going and adjust. 

Invest your time to development for the future. 

The shift is always coming. 

Sam CheemaComment