Brand Lessons from Stockholm

Last year I visited Stockholm to see some friends. But, it was a short trip as I had to head back to London for the new hockey season after an evening layover here.  

So, when I came back to London for a few weeks to work I had to come back over and visit for a few days to really take in that, much desired, Swedish life. 

What's it all about? 

The simplistic yet seemingly effortless style that oozes of the Swede's - how do they do it? 

Conversing with friends and being a glorified people watched I started to study people in Sweden.

Swede's don't look behind them when opening a door. They just open it for them self. It's not a rude thing, like you would think in America or the UK. It's a let and live mantra. 

They don't care for the brand logo. They don't show off, they don't want to show off, it's not part of their culture. 

The Swedish life is seemingly nonchalant and liberal. They stand alone in their northern corner of the globe. Bordered by their Scandic neighbors they all keep themselves to their selves.  

For a brand what does this mean? How do you penetrate a market who are humble and don't want to purchase often? 

You create a lifestyle. 

Currently, I am sitting in a Joe and the Juice, which has it's own gym, a spa and some cozy couches with a fireplace. Earlier today I visited a store that had it's own library, flower shop and barbers in the same store. 

People in Sweden don't walk around with a pace and hustle. They seem cool, calm and collected. They don't shop for the sake of shopping. They will take their time. They buy maybe one new jacket a year, not five. 

They don't yearn for the next big thing. There isn't many new brands, buildings or businesses springing up. 

Swede's are content, classic and timeless. 

It's quality over quantity. 

One sale is more important than a hundred. 

The much desired Scandic culture is spreading across to major cities. Maybe we will witness this shift of mindset into brands? 

The quiet empathy brand. 



Sam CheemaComment