Chasing Authenticity

We want to be real. 

We want people to care.

We want people to die for us. 

We want people to care so much that they will defend our name. 

So, we chase authenticity. 

We make these stories up of our lives that makes us the 'original'. 

Suddenly, everyone is a vinyl listening coffee aficionado. 

Then comes

"Oh, that's mainstream now". 

Brands do this. 

They leverage a cultural observation and try to construct a story that weaves and intertwines with that current construct of reality.  

But, they fail. 


Because, just like the soon-to-be vinyl loving, cold brew drinking and home brewing bearded fellows of 2017, they too will become mainstream. 

The brands and people who are truly authentic are timeless. 

Their persona is who they are. There is no front. It is what it is. 

They are the day zeros. 


Sam CheemaComment