Dear Advertising

Hello mate - 

You have filled me with memories of joy & laughter.
From the times I spent watching television as a kid to the free shit I would get walking through Waterloo.

The Cadburys Gorilla.
The Citroen C4 robot ice skating car.
The Maccain daddy or chips.
The Churchill dog.
The Belly’s gonna get ya.
John Smiths Ave it. 

I loved it.

I loved it all and I didn’t know what it was.

I went to uni. I was told that was the path.
I was told that’s what you did if you wanted to ‘get on’.
I was told that was the way to stability.

So, I did.

I learnt and unlearnt.
I questioned and answered.
I studied in distant continents.
I took diversified subjects. 
I even got a 1st.

I took my internships.
I took four of them.
I took out an overdraft.

I even paid £700 to go on a course.
A course all about planning.

I did it.
I was infatuated with planning.
I was infatuated with Advertising.

With understanding people.
With behavioural change.
With strategy.
With building stuff. 

But, you shut the door.

You say you want intuition, yet only hire glorified Googlers.
You say you want change, yet all flock to Cannes.
You say you want diversified, yet only represent yourself.
You say you want equality, yet a man name Martin takes the cake.
You say the world needs you, yet they create a blocker against you.

I’m sad I didn’t grow up in an era where I didn’t have to go through all this.

I wish I could of been in the mail room grafting.

I wish the mail room still existed.

If only you didn’t have to create a bullshit language to warrant a pay check.
If only you hired people for energy and creativity and not for a billable time need.
If only you created more.
If only you took more risks. 
If only you were effective.

If only you cared.

I care for you.

Your friend,

Sam CheemaComment