The death of an Influencer

There's roughly 400 or so business school students enrolled in each undergraduate cohort at Kingston University. That means there's 1200 undergraduate student minds. 1200, 18-20 something, cultural insights. 

That's just in the business school. 

There are currently 19,918 students enrolled at Kingston University (old 2015 stat however...).

So, why are influencers being paid £10k+ for a 4 minute 'content' piece? Because they harness the 'cultural insight' of millennials.

Granted they are charismatic, have utilised and understood social, have an absurd bunch of followers - but are you telling me as a brand you'd rather trust one person to share your message because they get the 'cultural insight'. Because, that's safe and that's bullshit. 

How I see it 'influencers' are no different than a brand paying x amount to get y on their tv spot. All that is different is the medium. Things are done in real time. Either you do or die. 

I am probably going against the grain right now. 

Ok, you are still reading...

So, my point is this. Why don't brands, agencies, firms, charities or whoever actually speak to this 'cultural insight'. Why don't they just get up and go ask some people what they think. No not in a focus group - where everyone has lied to fit the demographic. But, by going out there and understanding people. 

Why the fuck do people expose their ankles? 
Why the hell are people wearing white socks?
What is with the undercut? 

Forget the influencer. 

Target the heart and the mind will follow. 

After all Kingston Uni alone has 19,918 'cultural insight' hearts. 


Stop being safe. Be real. Be effective and don't be a c**t. 


Sam CheemaComment