When did we murder curiosity?

Being a student, I am fortunate to be in the trenches of what's going on around with education, 'young people' and trends. 

One of my roles is being a course rep. Students tell me what they do and don't like about the course.

One thing that they don't like: Learning. 

This was so interesting. They come to University to 'learn' but they would rather just learn what they need for their assignments. Then as quickly as it goes in it is flushed straight out. They aren't curious.

This baffled me. 

Now, this may be only from my interpretation and experiences but have we killed curiosity?

Have we now silently told students that all you need is a piece of paper that says you have a degree. 

But, businesses want passionate and enthusiastic employees. They look for the ones that take their education further. Time and time again they want skilled workers who can push their business to new heights. 

Clearly there's a disconnect. 

We are now filled with information and we consume shit all day. But, we don't create. We don't document. It's seen as 'keen and uncool' (real words some peers have used to describe it). 

It's uncool to be unemployed. It's uncool to work in a job you hate. 
Isn't it?

Here's the question, the brief, the challenge and the saviour.

How do we make people curious again? 

Sam CheemaComment