Get under the hood and get dirty

I wrote a post previously about ‘The Death of an Influencer’ and how in my opinion it’s all a crock of shit.

I think there is merit in brands paying Kim K, David Beckham or the like to promote their products to create brand salience and association.

But, social media is now so over inflated with fake statistics that really it’s all bullshit.

Isn’t it?

I currently have 5 Instagram accounts. So, I make up 0.000001 of Instagrams monthly user count. I know about 15+ people in my social circle who also run 3+ accounts.

Now this is my biggest gripe with social numbers. Ego.

Unless you are some Wizard, and went to the Hogwarts School of instant fame of followers, it is pretty much impossible to get 5000 followers in 2 months.

If a brand or person has 5000 followers and each of their posts get around 100 likes. They paid for followers. Look at who’s following them. Quite simple to spot really. Most of the ‘followers’ don’t have a picture.

Don’t real people have a profile picture? After all the platform is picture based platform.

When I speak to brands about what Snipetown can do for them etc they always come back with numbers. Our current Instagram followers are around 2,350. Not that many is it?

But, they are a pretty tight knit group.

And, guess what.

Every single one of them is pretty interested in Hockey.

Surely for a brand they’d rather reach a die-hard engaged segment? No?

This is where the shift is coming. I am passionate activist for efficiency. Stop wasting money. It’s not doing shit.

Go to the heart of the community. The place where you want your brand to live.

You have to get under the hood to get dirty. 

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