I don't want to be an 'Entrepreneur'

Entrepreneur is just an unrealistic title to have. Like what the fuck does it mean? You are a jack of all trades and master of none?

So, many Universities are churning out this term to their students. They are more than encouraged to go down this path; they are basically pushed off the path and over the cliff edge.

 I know.

 Because, at Kingston everywhere you turn it’s shoved down your throat. ‘Did you know Kingston Universities produces 300 start-up businesses each year’. A) Where did that stat even come from (no evidence…) and B) and how many of them fail?

 I like failure by the way.

 But, I don’t want to be an entrepreneur.

 Yes, I want to create my own life and livelihood doing the things that I am deeply passionate about but I don’t want any part of this arbitrary title.

 I want to become a thought leader in a specific field. Not multiple fields.

 ‘I’m an Entrepreneur’ is the 2016 way of saying you spend 16hours a day sitting on Instagram re-posting motivational pictures.

 We need to have a serious conversation.

 Yes, let’s empower students to chase their passions and dreams. But, not at this ludicrous expectation that we will all make it big like Zuckerberg or Bezos.

Imagine if we were all self-aware of our strengths.

That would be productive.

Sam CheemaComment