I'm too busy

'I didn't do that today, I was too busy'

The biggest excuse of them all. I personally try to never use it, ever. 

And here's why. Mindset. 

"rule your mind or it will rule you". 

Even if you aren't one of those zen type people it's very simple. You have two ways to wake up in the morning: Happy or un-happy. 

You can only control what you can. You can't control the construction workers waking you up with noise at 6am. You can't control your bus being late. You can't control your housemate using the last of the milk. 

You can control the little things. The music you listen to. The time you wake up. The way you get to work or school. saying good morning to a passerby. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So they say. But, isn't the morning mindset even more important. 

So, saying i'm too busy is a negative mindset. Instead say I'll do it as well as. 

Sam CheemaComment