Life begins at 22

Not 40, 45, 50 or 60. 

Let's have a serious talk about the current system. 

Nursery - Junior School - Secondary School (High School) - Sixth Form (Post 16 College) - University. 

You finish up roughly at 21/22. 

You've been in education your whole life. Maybe you went to one of the best schools. Maybe you played on a national team. Maybe you killed it and did a couple of internships. Maybe you created a clothing brand. Maybe you overcame a life-threatening illness. 

But, you haven't just been sitting idle. 

You've done shit. 

We see these crazy jobs specs requiring 2-3years experience - for an entry level job. 

Doesn't make sense. 

Most people go into an interview after university thinking they are on the back foot. Most people, like myself, think that the companies or organisations have the leverage. This just isn't true. 

Yes, you are competing for the role. Yes, you have to be qualified. Yes, you must be able to fit into the team. 

So let's have a real discussion. 

You're self-worth and all the life-lessons you've learnt up to that point can't be measured by a set of criteria. You can't tick the boxes. You don't get any 'experience' from playing competitive sports. You can't measure how those family holidays helped shape you whilst applying via an online application. 

You feel like you are starting from scratch. I know I do. 

What does this do for self-esteem? How is this going to effect the rest of society?

It's always about the process and there is no beginning or end point. Just a continual sequence of self-development. 

Graduation. That's just one experience. 

The next is tomorrow. 


Sam CheemaComment