Media Social

2016 was the year of social media. Literally, it won elections. 

We really found out the dominance of social media platforms and how they now shape our lives. 

Facebook is no longer a tech company. They are a media company.

They also own the media. Fuck. 

We found out that people are unconscious through their never ending scrolling which leads them to believe that if they do in fact get get up before 5:45am on a Monday they can one day buy a Mini Cooper. Because, that was on "the top ten tips to a successful 2017". 

It's a predicament we find ourselves in. Consumption on an ever larger scale. 

What if we used media to be social. Just flip the switch. Make media in the traditional sense a far greater social act. We cut the shit as marketers and get real with our work. Understand that the story can't be forced. 

As a brand. If you are really that amazing as you claim to be people will find you. You don't have to be everywhere at once. Maybe just one place but show up. 

People will show up. Your party won't be lame. And I bet you'll have a good time doing so. 

Sam CheemaComment