No Filter

No filter. 

We all filter who we are. Thanks instagram. (We are more likely to die taking a selfie than by being eaten by a shark. Just saying)

But, do we need to? 

Like who are we protecting? Ourselves, our friends and family or our employers? 

Recently a first year student came to me for advice about his resume. He basically wanted to know how to create something that would get attention. 

So, I said to him reverse engineer it. Put yourself in the manger's or HR persons shoes. Like when they read it in front of them: how would it inspre them to meet you? 

He said they wouldn't want to meet me. But, yet this student has a passion for the industry that he evidently portrays through his body of work. But, this one peice of paper says otherwise. 

'I am a highly passionate student with...' 

that was his opening line. 

And, i'm sure that is many other peoples opening line. 

But, why are we filtering our foot in the door with historic means of communication. Show them that you are highly passionate. don't say you have high levels of attention to detail let it shine through. 

Don't say you are hustling. Show it. 

So this is a call to action for anyone reading this. No filter. 

Don't do things because that's 'the way it is'. Do things a little different. and no, not for the sake of being different. But, do them in the ways that you would do them. How you would interpret the response. 

the final month of 2016 is upon us and maybe we can awaken ourselves to do things in our own way. We still get it done. Just in a unique way. One that we own. 

No filter. 



Sam CheemaComment