People just see Age.

People see your age and label you straight away. 

Ever seen an older man with a younger girlfriend?

Yeah, you probably think money. 

I do. 

It's wrong.

In Hockey, well in the UK mainly, young guys are regularly on the bench. Yes, they have a lot to learn but in times of crisis coaches cut the roster and usually leave out the younger guys. How will they ever develop?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have just made the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They have relied heavily on three rookies: Marner (19), Nylander (20) and Matthews (19), 

The Leafs hadn't qualified for the last three seasons. 

Now they have. 

They trusted in youth.

They trusted that the WJC Gold medal for USA experience for Matthews has given him the experience and desire of winning. They trusted that Matthews time in a European professional league has given him an insight to playing a faster and more skilled game. They trusted that Nylander would provide the offensive threat that he has displayed by jumping straight into the AHL. The trusted that even with only three years OHL experience Marner can perform in the NHL. 

The overall rookie class combined for 283 points this year.

The leafs didn't look at age as the barometer. They basically said 'Can these guys do the job or not?'

Recently, I have come under a lot of friction for gaining outside experiences whilst studying my degree. My goal was to fill my life with vast differing cultures. 

I leave university with £45,579 of debt with a current interest rate of 4% for repayments. My peers are in a similar boat. 

I have gone into my overdraft to fund my travel to New York and also have credit card to supplement this. 

I've literally paid for the privilege of experience. (Working for £1.10 an hour

I'm sure some of my peers are in a similar boat.

If I had done an apprenticeship scheme instead of a degree I probably would be would in a more senior role but I wouldn't have half the brain to offer. I wouldn't have culture, experiences or insights I have today. Because, I would just know how to do the job and that's it. 

Surely, the industry is about understanding people to solve a business problem. 

Can't do that from behind a desk. 

But, people see an age, 22 (1994). 

They don't see anything else, so they don't get anything else. They don't ask questions and just silo you into a bracket. 

That's where it's wrong.

Age only matters if you are cheese, wine or scotch. 

Sam Cheema