Juicero is a pretty neat company. Getting juices that are healthy, fresh and accessible is pretty much a game changer. 

They've created this machine that pretty unique and similar to the new way of home coffee pods.It also comes with WIFI enabled system and packs only fresh pressed juice. 

It's $400 so on the expensive side. 

The company has come out of Silicon Valley and has so far raised $118.5m in funding. 


You don't even need the machine. 

You just need your hands to squeeze the juice. 

They have just created a solution to a market that didn't have a problem. 

The packs and sachets where you squeeze to get the juices - smart! These are great with reducing  space and make juice creation convenient. 

But, these are just a compliment to their business. 

They didn't think simple. 

They overcomplicated something that didn't need to be complicated. 

It's just juice. 

And, that is why there is a problem in innovation. People overcomplicate the features and add all sorts of gizmos to their products and services. 

But, these don't make the product solve a problem. 

They complicate it. 

Sam CheemaComment