Team Human

Let's forget that there are countries, passports & religions. Let's imagine that we are in fact all Human.

We don't have to imagine. 

Now more so than ever we are divided. Brexit, US Election, Syrian Crisis, Global Warming. All major events/processes that have divided us into essentially two differing camps. However, what if we took a step back and looked at it from a macro level. 

Are we benefiting from this? 


If we put humanity at the focus core principal of what we do and take down our guards of narrow mindedness and rhetoric of 'intellect' we can break down this devision. 

Who really cares if someone has been to University, got their Masters and Phd if they are still a pillock.

We can't stand on pedestals and believe we are elitist because of the things we have done. We have to get back to the core of what humanity is about: empathy.

Fuck the intellects. Get to the nitty gritty - the hearts. 

We fucked up and will continue to do so. Let's break our bubble and socialise like we should. 


Sam CheemaComment