Those kids who are only 14/15. 

Born in 2002. 

In 2002 I was 8. My brother was 12. 

The world was a lot different then. 

But, what's even more different now is that these 14/15 year olds act completely different from my generation. I'm only 22...


I had to write this piece because those Wall Street'ers and fund managers were going crazy with excitement last week at the IPO. Now all of a sudden today I see the stock is down and people are issuing a sell rating on the stock. 

Are you nuts?

I'm so bemused. 

My cousin, Sean, is a 15 year old male, living in Ireland and spends his summers in the U.S. 

He doesn't send any text messages. He literally doesn't. 

His social media browsing time is split roughly like this: 15% Facebook, 30% Facebook Messenger, 10% Instagram, 0% Twitter and 45% Snapchat. 

He doesn't use Snapchat like you and I. He uses it as a messaging service. He has 'streaks' and he will literally take pictures of a table and write a text message over the top. Madness right? 

He doesn't story like you and I. He doesn't only show the highlights of his days and waits till the perfect lightning hits. He just doesn't. And, neither do his friends. 

How do I know this? 

I lived with him for three months...

I observed it all. 

On his iphone his, pre-installed, Apple text messaging app is hidden in a folder... IT'S HIDDEN!!!!

Then by luck one of his friends, slightly older (17), came for a few weeks. Now unlike Sean, he does text, but only twice a day. He uses Facebook Messenger more than SnapChat but still had streaks with people for over 100 days. 

Have you communicated with someone for 100 days continuously.... 

You haven't even done that with your own mother whilst you lived in the same house.

So whilst people panic over Snap and it's longevity. People calling it another Twitter. 

It's not. 

It's where the attention is. 

You just don't know it cause you aren't a 2002'er.


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