The curious get burned.

From posts before you may have read about my interactions and experiences, with students and peers, I quickly understood that people aren't curious anymore. ( I even wrote this on the subject - When Did We Murder Curiosity? )

Well, heres my forgone conclusion.

The curious get burned.

The curious have been burned in three ways:

1) The Job Market People don't like someone who has done many different things in their life. They can't comprehend it. They can't digest and understand all the different roles and titles. They just want someone who has the years experience in a set silo field that they can then come into the new organisation and replicate.

But, the curious are usually the ones that divulge into many different fields. Learning and experiencing across different skills to develop their intuition and intellect about the world. So, their 'job hoping' or 'gaps in their resume' are seen as a negative.

2) The Doubters Win After rejections from the job market, doubters win. They win because they conform to the rules and have an easier time. The curious ones usually struggle and continue to struggle on. They keep pushing buttons and wanting more. They don't settle. They live for new ideas, perspectives and change. But, the doubters win because they conform. Conforming means they are safe.

"Safe is death".

3) Education The UK education system is set up in such a way that most education is now prescription based. It's a remedy. It's a reactive medicine to a disease. It doesn't spark debate and new lenses. It's textbook driven with a right and wrong answer. It stifles curiosity because of a spoon feeding state. Educators aren't incentivised or impassioned due to the lack of support. They are stifled to conform. They can't expand. They can't regress.

So, the curious get burned.

But, what if we didn't burn them?

What if instead we understood the rawness, adaptability and untapped ceilings that these people have?

They won't be the office drones. They won't want an easy life. The won't be the most manageable.

But, they will be that missing something. The something that makes the soufflé rise.

Sam CheemaComment