The Work.

Growing up in the UK we are pretty fortunate. There's a very nice safety net. You fail and you'll be alright. You won't fall that far. You'll be fine. 

This kind of thinking is never spoken about but it's there. There's a sense of security and lack of real work. We don't punt other things and ultimately become a jack of all trades. We are told employers want well rounded people. What's well rounded? 

Now transcending into the New York culture for the past few years I have seen a different side. No safety net. The only crutch is your parents. Lucky for me they came up big. 

But, no net. So there's this sense of work. A sense that means: 'You better fucking get it done'. Now, this may sound pretty cut throat and like a crazy work driven culture. I'm sorry for not selling it to you. 

I don't really want to sell it to you. But, it's where change happens. When pressure to do something is created the work comes through. The Hustle. 

You will see a lot of reputable media outlets talking about Hacks. Like do this Hack and you will be more efficient, successful and get laid more. 

It just isn't the case. 

The work is what makes you successful. It's the never ending idea that it's never done. That there's always a way to improve. Some little edge. 

I've never been one for stats but the proof is in the pudding with this one. 

It's the work. It always has been. It always will be.