Use your F*cking toolbox

At the age of 22 it has never once crossed my mind to go out to B&Q or Home Depot to purchase a job set of 'Tools'. 

But, you go into so many homes around the country (friends and family) and I can assure you they have a toolbox hiding under their stairs, in the shed or somewhere in their forgotten garage. 

 When one thing goes wrong with the plumbing or a simple fix job they will 'call in' somebody to sort it out. 

This is like business, advertising, marketing, sports and pretty much every fucking dilemma. 

Take a Hockey team. Maybe not scoring enough goals. First thought: We need a goalscorer. 

What if the coach was playing a left-winger playmaker with two muck n grind style players? What if the defensive pairings aren't keeping the puck in on the blue-line? What if the centres aren't winning many draws? 

Maybe that's the problem.  

In business we seek to bring in consultants, experts and gurus (who the fuck labels themselves this?) and the like to fix our problems. When 99% of the time they could actually be corrected with just understanding who you have around you. Being self-aware. Knowing what people are interested in. Knowing what people can do.

Remember the people you pay money to. Like each month...

"If you don't use it you'll lose it"- Don't under satisfied staff leave? Aren't inefficient businesses losing money? Don't brands that don't speak to their customers lose market share? 

Don't let your toolbox sit neglected and rust like a pile of shit. 

If it can't be fixed. Then call Bob. 

Sam CheemaComment