We aren't normal

Ok, it happened. 

Now let's talk about something else. People. Humans. Civilisation.  

Just because we are educated, live in a house, have a full time job, create families and go on holiday most years - this doesn't make us normal.

Normal people don't do these things. Because, normal people don't live in our bubble. They don't come from our society. A farmer doesn't snapchat himself taking a shit. A bricklayer doesn't Instagram his coffee in the morning. 

There's about 7.2bn people in the world. Only 500m  are on Instagram....

We are not normal. 

Full cycle back to this election. 

Let's stop this fucked up belief that we are normal. We aren't. 

We must seek to understand the masses. We need to talk to them. What drives them. We need to get a grip. Maybe then we can find some middle ground.

Sam CheemaComment