What is 'IT'?

Last week two people approached me mid-conversation and said ‘oh, you just get it’.

I say ‘IT’ quite a lot actually. So and so just doesn’t get ‘IT’.

What am I even talking about. What is ‘IT’.

It got me thinking.

Is it Agent X that created the Power Puff Girls? Is it a mysterious way to describe something that doesn’t exist? Is it something that can be taught or is it something inherited?

When I refer to ‘IT’, I refer to the ‘A-HA got it’ moment when you instantly click on something. You understand what the problem is and you see how it can change in the future. You also understand the process. You understand the trials and tribulations and you understand ultimately that it is WORK.

But, when people have used it in conversation with myself they have used it describe a characteristic trait. A behaviour.

So, does that mean some people have got ‘IT’?

With varying degrees of intellect and what not some people may have ‘IT’. With varying career aspirations or talents, they may have ‘IT’.

But, what’s unique is that this is all this is underpinned is by the understanding of the process.

Talent and intellect can only carry you so far.

You may be the smartest person in your class and get a first class degree but if you sit on just the degree you’ll only be getting a regular graduate scheme role.

You see what I am getting at.

The people that have ‘IT’ ultimately understand the process. They understand that it’s work. You can’t hack your way there. You do things that make no sense at all. You give your time away more than you should. You are doing 100million things.

Because, those who have ‘IT’ are really the ones who always say YES. 

Sam CheemaComment